Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Greek ministers will go to Brussels to meet with EU officials about restructuring of debt, but several details have not been resolved. (Reuters)
Groupon�(NASDAQ: GRPN) posts earnings that trouble Wall St. and its shares fall by 10%. (Reuters)
A deal on mortgage data and foreclosures between five banks and state attorneys general is close to being done. The amount of the settlement will be about $25 billion. (Reuters)
Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) posts a drop in Q4 results. (Reuters)
Rio Tinto�(NYSE: RTP) posts poor results due to metal prices. (Reuters)
Levovo beats earnings forecasts as its market share rises, and it will produce a TV product for Chinese consumers. (Reuters)
Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) to launch a cloud storage product. (WSJ)
The House probably will approve a bill to regulate insider trading by members of Congress and their staffs. (WSJ)
China and Canada to increase official trade relations. (WSJ)
China�s CPI rises to 4.5% in January — up from 4.1% in December. (WSJ)
Some car companies press sales in Indonesia as the number of drivers there surges. (WSJ)
Chrysler may set a deal with banks for consumer and dealer loans that would replace its relationship with Ally. (WSJ)
Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) tightens it approval process for apps used on the iPad and iPhone. (WSJ)
Petrobras�(NYSE: PTR) estimates of its reserves and the P&L they may create could be too optimistic. (WSJ)
Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) buys much of AIG�s (NYSE: AIG) troubled bond portfolio, which dates back to 2008. (WSJ)
Two million homeowners could benefit from a $25 billion settlement over mortgages reached between five banks and the government. (NYT)
Car sales in China fall 24% in January. (NYT)
Young people are watching TV more and more on PCs. (NYT)
BP (NYSE: BP) is conversing with the U.S. government over claims from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and may settle. (Bloomberg)
Sarkozy�s approval ratings in Fra! nce are near all-time lows for a president. (Bloomberg)
Douglas A. McIntyre